The Intelligent Life Tutorial Series investigates how our being works, offers new insights into the mechanics of human experience and provides practical solutions to change and develop our thinking and behaviour. With opportunities to ask questions and share insights, these monthly tutorials provide a platform for consistent but manageable learning and practice. Each session lasts 60 minutes. Participants receive access to the session recording. 
Live tutorials - £12 pcm.

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Intelligent Earth


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Intelligent Earth 

In this series, we have chosen a theme that we explored briefly back in 2020 during a series of lockdown meditations. The tutorials will cover life on Earth through the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, exploring the forms of life and the aspects of being they influence. Our intention is to celebrate the beauty, intelligence and benevolence of life on Earth, to deepen our relationship to being here in a human body and empower us to use our life well, and to develop a practice of gratitude for all that we receive and to welcome in the abundance that is available.

  • Session 1  |  Earth
    Thu, 01 Dec
    Intelligent Life (map)
    01 Dec, 19:30 GMT – 02 Dec, 19:30 GMT
    Intelligent Life (map)
    We honour the ‘being’ of Earth, her generous, grounded nature (literally and figuratively) and her ‘mothering’ of all forms of life. We practice bringing those qualities into our own being to develop a sense of kinship with all life, and a respect for our place in the scheme of life.
  • Session 2  |  Plantkind
    Sun, 02 Oct
    Intelligent Life (map)
    02 Oct, 18:30 BST – 03 Oct, 18:30 BST
    Intelligent Life (map)
    We honour the beauty of Earth’s vegetation, and its role in keeping a vital balance for the planet’s biosphere. We give thanks for those beings who provide our food, across all levels of life. We practice bringing the quality of abundance into our own being, so we can develop a generous nature.
  • Session 3  |  Body
    Sat, 01 Oct
    Intelligent Life (map)
    01 Oct, 19:30 – 20:30 BST
    Intelligent Life (map)
    We honour the incredible ingenuity of the physical body, and the service it provides to the Soul. We explore the original blueprint of the body to see the potential of the manifest form. We practice bringing vitality into our body to so we can optimise its function and develop health and well-being.
  • Session 4  |  Water
    Thu, 01 Sept
    Intelligent Life (map)
    01 Sept, 19:30 – 20:30 BST
    Intelligent Life (map)
    We honour the element of water, its life-giving properties, and its many expressions on Earth. We look at the current state of water bodies and how that affects us. We practice bringing clarity and flow into our being to develop a more fluid nature that can easily navigate life’s obstacles.
  • Session 5  |  Creaturekind
    Mon, 01 Aug
    Intelligent Life (map)
    01 Aug, 19:30 – 20:30 BST
    Intelligent Life (map)
    We honour the creatures of Earth, their incredible diversity and their service to all forms of life. We look at the relationship between humankind and its fellow creatures. We practice care and compassion so we can develop the respect that is vital for peaceful co-existence with our fellows.
  • Session 6  |  Emotion
    Fri, 01 Jul
    Intelligent Life (map)
    01 Jul, 19:30 – 20:30 BST
    Intelligent Life (map)
    We honour the richness and potential of emotion. Far from just being a source of discomfort and conflict, we explore how emotion can be a gateway to expanded states of conscious experience. We practice generating elevated emotions that serve us and the planet simultaneously.