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The Intelligent Life Tutorial Series investigates how our being works, offers new insights into the mechanics of human experience and provides practical solutions to change and develop our thinking and behaviour. With opportunities to ask questions and share insights, these monthly tutorials provide a platform for consistent but manageable learning and practice. Each session lasts 60 minutes. Participants receive access to the session recording. 
Live tutorials: 7.30pm UK time. First Thursday of each month. £12 pcm

Past tutorials can be purchased individually - £12 per tutorial. Inquire now.


Daily Life Series


How do we spend the hours of each day?

What does it mean to fulfil our potential, or to live our best life?

What picture of our future do we carry within us?

And how do we imagine this will come about?

Whether you know it or not, how you live your life makes a difference to the whole - not just the moments in meditation or when you’re volunteering at a charity – in every single moment, your choices are creating your experience, and shaping our shared world.


Daily life is an opportunity to be more conscious of your choices, to find a new way of relating to yourself and your life…using your activities as the raw material for transformation.

We can use the vision and values we hold, the words we speak, the actions we take, the motivations we operate from, to light up our life. We can facilitate not only our own growth and development, but that of the collective shift taking place in our society right now.


This tutorial series looks at how we can introduce those changes into the various aspects of our life; work, recreation, family, health, relationships and so on. We can use these areas to bring in the kind of self-awareness that sets our feet on a new path…and grows into a new relationship with Life itself.

  • Session 1 | Personal Growth
    Session 1 | Personal Growth
    Nothing can change if we don’t change. Growth and development are a natural, fundamental part of life. The key to realising our potential is within us – if we know how to develop it. We’ll examine our relationship with change, the elements of a conscious path, and how to walk it.
  • Session 2 | Physical Well-being
    Session 2 | Physical Well-being
    Our body anchors our physical presence on Earth. It serves as the living record of the choices we make around food, exercise and rest. If we neglect it, the body becomes resistant. We’ll look at how to work with the body to optimise our learning and support our awakening.
  • Session 3 | Emotional Well-being
    Session 3 | Emotional Well-being
    Happiness is not the product of external fulfilment. Our emotional state sets up how happy we are, or can hope to be. To create emotional equilibrium takes persistent willingness to stay conscious through the feelings that emotions create, and make use of the learning opportunity they bring us.
  • Session 4 | Mental Well-being
    Session 4 | Mental Well-being
    A peaceful mind is the doorway to elevated consciousness. But how to get there? Mental well-being is the result of consistent attention and positive mental habits. We’ll look at the mercurial nature of the mind, and how to develop the necessary foundation for openness, steadiness and resilience.
  • Session 5 | Health & Healing
    Session 5 | Health & Healing
    Illness is a natural, and necessary, part of life, not to be feared or suppressed. It brings vital information about what we have to learn, and presents an opportunity to grow. We’ll explore the message of illness, what health means to us, and how healing can take many surprising forms.
  • Session 6 | Communication & Relating
    Session 6 | Communication & Relating
    Throughout life, we inevitably encounter challenges when dealing with other people. Good communication and relating can ease our way through life, and the joy of meaningful connection. We’ll examine ways to optimise our exchanges with others - from casual acquaintances, to deep personal connections.
  • Session 7 | Work
    Session 7 | Work
    Work has many negative associations: unrewarding, underpaid, unappreciated. A necessary but undesirable distraction from what we’d rather be doing. However, work is more than an activity to earn money. From the perspective of soul development, work is a crucial part of how we make a contribution.
  • Session 8 | Money
    Session 8 | Money
    Money can produce desire, envy, fear and panic when treated as the ultimate symbol of worth and reward. But money is an innocent reflection of our relationship to self, and our soul agreements for this lifetime. We’ll examine our relationship with money, and the lessons it offers us.
  • Session 9 | Rest & Recreation
    Session 9 | Rest & Recreation
    How do we spend our time when we are not working, or taking care of our responsibilities and obligations? Do we fall in a heap, or over-exert ourselves with even more activity? We’ll explore the role of rest and recreation, and the sweetness it can bring to our human life.
  • Session 10 | Service
    Session 10 | Service
    The idea of service conjures up images of selflessness and sacrifice. But a genuine desire to serve is a natural stage of soul development, and can take many forms. As the planet now enters a monumental shift in collective consciousness, service acquires a new and more encompassing meaning for all.
  • Session 11 | Relationship to the Earth
    Session 11 | Relationship to the Earth
    Every single step in our human journey impacts the Earth. As such, we need to factor this into the choices of how we live. We explore our present relationship with Earth, individually and as a species, and how to tread gently; with awareness & knowledge, and with respect & gratitude.
  • Session 12 | Relationship to the Divine
    Session 12 | Relationship to the Divine
    We examine how daily life can reflect our relationship to the Divine; allowing us to be conscious of Divine intelligence as we go through each day. We see that our experience of life, whether it be one of fulfilment and contentment, or impotence and dissatisfaction, ultimately rests with us.

Intelligent Earth


How to...


Developing positive qualities


Overcoming challenges



Intelligent Earth 

In this series, we have chosen a theme that we explored briefly back in 2020 during a series of lockdown meditations. The tutorials will cover life on Earth through the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, exploring the forms of life and the aspects of being they influence. Our intention is to celebrate the beauty, intelligence and benevolence of life on Earth, to deepen our relationship to being here in a human body and empower us to use our life well, and to develop a practice of gratitude for all that we receive and to welcome in the abundance that is available.

  • Session 1  |  Earth
    Session 1  |  Earth
    We honour the ‘being’ of Earth, her generous, grounded nature (literally and figuratively) and her ‘mothering’ of all forms of life. We practice bringing those qualities into our own being to develop a sense of kinship with all life, and a respect for our place in the scheme of life.
  • Session 2  |  Plantkind
    Session 2  |  Plantkind
    We honour the beauty of Earth’s vegetation, and its role in keeping a vital balance for the planet’s biosphere. We give thanks for those beings who provide our food, across all levels of life. We practice bringing the quality of abundance into our own being, so we can develop a generous nature.
  • Session 3  |  Body
    Session 3  |  Body
    We honour the incredible ingenuity of the physical body, and the service it provides to the Soul. We explore the original blueprint of the body to see the potential of the manifest form. We practice bringing vitality into our body to so we can optimise its function and develop health and well-being.
  • Session 4  |  Water
    Session 4  |  Water
    We honour the element of water, its life-giving properties, and its many expressions on Earth. We look at the current state of water bodies and how that affects us. We practice bringing clarity and flow into our being to develop a more fluid nature that can easily navigate life’s obstacles.
  • Session 5  |  Creaturekind
    Session 5  |  Creaturekind
    We honour the creatures of Earth, their incredible diversity and their service to all forms of life. We look at the relationship between humankind and its fellow creatures. We practice care and compassion so we can develop the respect that is vital for peaceful co-existence with our fellows.
  • Session 6  |  Emotion
    Session 6  |  Emotion
    We honour the richness and potential of emotion. Far from just being a source of discomfort and conflict, we explore how emotion can be a gateway to expanded states of conscious experience. We practice generating elevated emotions that serve us and the planet simultaneously.
  • Session 7  |  Air
    Session 7  |  Air
    We honour the element of air and its role on Earth, both literally and figuratively. We explore how to work with this element, and how it can contribute greater clarity and vitality to all forms of life. We practice pranayama, the science of breath, to bring these qualities into our being.
  • Session 8  |  Humankind
    Session 8  |  Humankind
    We honour the human family, and look through a kind and compassionate lens to see the higher purpose of human presence on Earth. We explore the very real potential of humanity and develop a vision for the future. We practice tolerance, respect and dignity and extend these to all life on Earth.
  • Session 9  |  Mind
    Session 9  |  Mind
    We honour the potential of the mind and explore its original purpose as a creative faculty. We come to know the mind as a gift that can be utilised wisely to produce harmony and peace. We practice bringing these qualities into our own being so we can be a conduit for expanding them on Earth.
  • Session 10  |  Fire
    Session 10  |  Fire
    We honour the element of fire for the many benefits it gifts us; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We explore the role of fire, and the source giving rise to it, in our spiritual evolution. We practice the qualities of strength, enthusiasm & perseverance to assist us on life’s path.
  • Session 11  |  Lightkind
    Session 11  |  Lightkind
    We honour the multitudes of beings who populate the dimensions of light. We give thanks for their ceaseless assistance to us, and to all creation. We develop a closer relationship through our acknowledgement of their presence. We practice kindness and develop our commitment to service.
  • Session 12  |  Heart
    Session 12  |  Heart
    We honour the beauty and intelligence of the heart, and the spiritual power behind life itself. Through the heart, we feel the presence of Source and the infinite benevolence we are always held in. We utilise the heart as a conduit for generosity and grace. We practice holding love and light for all
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