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A ground-breaking diagnostic and measurement tool that can be used for individual or group assessment.

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The aim of the mapping app is to build up an accurate picture of all the elements (known and currently unknown) which contribute to the experience of being you / your group, and the results you are getting in your life / organisation. The mapping exercise will give you valuable insight from contemplating and answering the questions, then translate that learning into scoring and data visualisation.


Identify untapped potential, current state and lagging edge


Assess likely outcomes based on current approach


Reveal source of problems and specific area of life / organisation it applies to


Recommend specific behaviours necessary to evolve individual / system


Determine readiness and ability to undertake desired change


Unlock latent abilities and capacity


Measure user understanding of Natural Intelligence

How it Works
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The map has 7 levels. The 7 levels are listed along the left-hand side of the map from Survival through to Unity. They represent the learning journey we move through as we become more conscious of Natural Intelligence and how to work with it. The 7 levels of the map mirror our evolutionary stages: individually, organisationally, societally and globally.


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The 12 indices represent the areas of your life that you are going to assess and measure. The 8 indices between purpose and form follow a sequential flow. Mapping these indices gives you insight into the unseen influences which create seen results in your life. The next 3 indices, experience, relating & identity give you valuable insight into how you relate to yourself, others and the world respectively. They are areas of your life that express your journey from purpose to form. The 12th indicator is challenge & responsibility which shows us the key lesson you are currently learning (challenge), and the key quality you need to master (responsibility) to grow into your next phase of life.


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The mapping exercise leads you through a series of questions from 3 different perspectives to help you identify your untapped potential, your average state of being and your subconscious programming.​ The purpose of the 3 perspectives is to see the range of thinking and behaviours that we operate across. We tend to think of ourselves as being consistent in the way we think and behave, but if we look more closely, we see that we have outlying states, that we move into occasionally.


The results you see are a quantitative assessment of a qualitative environment. We have used the Fibonacci sequence to calibrate the scores. This sequence references the exponential nature of a natural growth pattern. In the My Maps archive you will see a history of your finished maps and mapping results. It will also display your results as a radial graph, so you can see the relationship between the 3 states and how the potential state gives you expanded possibilities. The bar graph will show you the levels where your thinking and behaviours are currently dominant. The app will also calculate 3 numerical scores based on your answers in the 3 states of being, so you can see how each state contributes, or not, to your overall goals. Finally, the app calculates a percentage between your lagging edge and your leading edge so you can see how far you are from your stated potential.

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Measure your growth using Natural Intelligence

The Mapping App is available on subscription at £6 per month. To apply, please click on the button below and register your payment details. We will send you your login ID within 48 hours.

Please read this End-User License Agreement ("Agreement") carefully before clicking the “Subscribe now” button or using Intelligent Life Mapping App ("Application").

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Jeddah’s gift for distilling complexity into simple and elegant language makes it possible to embrace, absorb and put into practice the things I’ve learned. My ability to manage a very complex work world containing multiple social and business cultures has been enriched.

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