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Why we are building a platform

I am very committed to evolving our conscious understanding of life as the key to our own growth and that of the world around us.

For many years we have provided one-on-one and group training for individuals and organisations. In more recent years I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes to create a whole new body of work that takes this further.

The result is the birth of Intelligent Life which now encompasses the individual-organisational-societal-global spectrum and shows how we can use our personal development to positively influence the wider systems of which we are a part.

In order to do this, I needed to create:

  • the key principles that determine our outcomes (the IL Model of Life)

  • a comprehensive curriculum to increase knowledge in successive stages (the IL modules)

  • a learning modality that facilitated real and lasting change (the IL model)

  • a system to measure growth and track progress ( the IL mapping system)

As we developed these elements, it became clear that we could use the positive attributes of technology to assist us. Hence the idea of hosting the Intelligent Life system on an interactive platform.

The benefits of using a platform means that you can learn at your own rate or go through together as a group, you can share best- practice around your learning experience with others, you have a readily accessible archive of material to review, your learning is monitored to help keep you on track, you can store your mapping scores and see your progress.

Building the technology to do all this is underway (we will launch version 1 next year). So far so good. However, this undertaking is not primarily about technology (although I am excited about the cutting-edge potential of our future plans – more on that another time!).

The platform also creates the opportunity for the Intelligent Life community of users to be part of a larger mission. The heart and soul of Intelligent Life (and my life) is rooted in service to humankind.

The platform will enable us to come together, all in one place. By coming together, we can enhance our abilities, strengthen our intentions and combine our energies…to be a force of good in the world.

We have initial activities planned for the IL community, but our aim is to develop this further over time (with your input) so we can serve those communities who would not otherwise have access to this work.

We are eager to serve the young population, through school and university programmes, so the citizens of the future are aligned, pro-active members of society. We are also eager to serve those in developing nations who have not had the many privileges we often take for granted – adequate housing, clean water, ample nourishment, safety, equality, education, peaceful surroundings and access to the natural environment.

So the birth of Intelligent Life is so much more than a body of teachings, or a helpful app. It is the beginning of a journey which will enable us to learn, grow, unite and serve.

Our newsletter, blog, monthly tutorials and community Facebook page are some of the initial areas where we have begun activity. All of these will be hosted on the platform when it’s ready. A full video presentation explaining our plans for Intelligent Life will be ready to share with you soon.

These aspirations are so dear to my heart. My whole life is devoted to them. I hope you will join me.


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