The Intelligent Life model is a comprehensive programme series to ensure that the seeds of positive evolution are not only planted, but given the optimal conditions to flourish in your organisation.


Intelligent Life

Timeframe: 1 day
Cost: Organisations £12,000


diagnosis and critical pathway for resolution

Intelligent Life has developed a mapping system that reveals the evolutionary stages of an individual, an organisation, a society and our global system, and how they are interrelated.

It allows us to both diagnose the current situation, and provide a critical pathway for resolution. The map gives you an accurate read on all the elements, known and unknown, which are affecting your outcomes. The map also provides the necessary steps to unlock latent capacity and implement new thinking, understanding, and behaviours.

Intelligent Life Immersion

Timeframe: 3 days off site
Cost: from £40,000


The underlying framework to create the conditions for optimal growth and evolution

Delivers a comprehensive framework for understanding how individuals and systems work, and how to create the conditions for optimal growth and evolution. Provides a toolkit to undertake positive change and sustain progress during implementation. 

Creates the opportunity to develop a progressive organisation that is a proactive contributor to its sector, society & planet.


Timeframe: 1 year
Cost: from £60,000


A supported journey through the application of change across your entire organisation

The opportunity to work with us in applying the insights, conceptual framework and new understanding (gained from the Mapping and Immersion stages) into organisational activity.


Timeframe: 3 months to 1 year
Cost: from £4,200 per person


Exponentially increase the potential of the change process

Create ‘seed’ points within your organisational culture which provide concentrations of inspiration and support. Leaders will enhance their own leadership, explore the impact they have on their teams and how it relates to delivering the overall aims that the organisation as a whole aspires to.


Timeframe: 1 hr per month
Cost: £12 per month


Understand the mechanics of life through your own experience

A monthly tutorial designed to enhance your understanding of yourself, others & life. Expand your perception. Learn how to navigate your experience.

Develop a portfolio of skills, abilities and qualities. Respond more effectively in any given moment.

Jeddah’s wisdom is unparalleled and her ability to bring clarity to the complex is masterful. She is one of the wise masters of the world. If you get a chance to study with her, take it. Her work is life altering.
— Roxanne Emmerich, New York Times best-selling author of Thank God It's Monday and Profit-Growth Banking, founder and CEO of Emmerich Group