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Healing Relationships

Tending to and mending our connections


Bacalar, Mexico   |    Saturday 9 - Wednesday 13 December 2023


In December this year, we are once again partnering with Lourdes Aguirre to host a special event focussed entirely on relationships….so you can improve your knowledge and understanding, tend to your heartfelt needs and heal your past hurts.

The 'Healing Relationships' Event

Good relationships bring warmth, joy and connection into our lives. They can be a source of support, meaning and fulfilment. From intimacy with a chosen companion, to the selfless love of parent, to the sweetness of lasting friendship, relationships travel with us as we journey through life. And although we can love many aspects of life on Earth, meaningful connection with our fellow humans is particularly rewarding. It fulfils our desire to love and be loved, give and receive, see and be seen, hear and be heard. And crucially, relationships allow us to learn more about who we are from our experience of connecting with others. 


How we relate says a lot about who (we believe) we are. We will look at how we can foster relationships from a steady, conscious sense of self, so we don’t lose ourselves in the connection or get caught in unconscious behaviours. We will also explore our style of communication, what constitutes healthy boundaries and how comfortable we are with intimacy.

We will explore all types of relationships; from the formative relationship we have to ourselves and our body, to the ones that we have with our significant other, our parents and children and our wider family and friends. We’ll also look at our relationship with life and death to see what kind of subconscious messages we are carrying in those areas. 


The Healing Work

To achieve a comprehensive learning and transformation experience over the 4 days, we will use a combination of talks, exercises, constellation therapy and meditation. To support the main work, we’ll also offer yoga, healing and integration sessions. Intelligent Life specialise in the concept, practice and application of Natural Intelligence. We offer the specific knowledge, tools and guidance to help you understand, experience and operate from alignment with the energy of life. You will be able to access and experience for yourself the tremendous transformation that alignment with this energy can bring, and how it can empower you to make new, and conscious, choices.

The constellation therapy uses a small group settings to undertake ‘field enquiries’. We set up the conditions to allow the field of Natural Intelligence to give us vital information about what is hidden from our conscious view. It is designed to access inherited physical, emotional and mental traits. Supported by Lourdes’ knowledge and training in shamanic practices, and Jeddah’s ability to read and work with energy, they bring a highly developed expertise to the work of resolving and clearing personal patterns.

The Benefits

Combining conscious enquiry and spiritual insight with constellation therapy is very powerful. We are able to access and lift out patterns in our energy field that cause us to unconsciously repeat past habits. This work has an extended benefit in that we are able to resolve patterns that we’ve inherited from our current family system as well as our family line going back many generations. 


The clarity and resolution that this work brings, allows us to dissolve active triggers, misunderstandings, old hurts, resentments and tensions. We can more readily step into the thinking and behaviours we wish to operate from. And the healing continues to deepen and integrate long after the sessions have finished. 



The small town of Bacalar is situated on a stunning and unique lagoon. The 30-mile long lagoon is called “the lagoon of seven colours” because its waters range across seven shades of blue from deep indigo to bright aqua. The water is crystal clear, sweet and refreshing. The locals believe the lagoon is a sacred body of water with many healing properties. 

Our venue

To facilitate healing of body, mind and soul, we have chosen a private and nurturing venue that will support the deep work of this event. We will be staying at the beautiful resort of MIA, right on the lagoon waterfront. MIA is a much sought-after hotel for its comfort, tranquillity and elegance. It has an excellent in-house restaurant Hunab Ku, and head chef Pedro Sanchez will cater to all our culinary needs. For those of you who wish to add extra nurturing to your schedule, MIA has a dedicated spa offering massage and other holistic treatments. Intelligent Life has booked the whole resort, so we have the entire space to ourselves; including the meeting rooms, restaurant, gardens, palapas and swimming dock. The luxury accommodation is arranged in three different types, to suit all needs and budgets. All rooms have beautifully designed bathrooms, and every convenience. 

The prices are inclusive of accommodation, food and tuition.

This event has a participant limit of 37, and is expected to sell out, so book early to avoid disappointment. Once a particular room type is full, the link will no longer work, but you may choose another room type to continue booking. 

Shared room with 2 beds  |  Availability: 7 rooms

The Luxe Saasil offers a twin bed set up, for those who want to share a room. These rooms have an organic, curvilinear shape, with natural materials in the interior. Each room has a private deck overlooking the lagoon.

Sold out

This rate is for shared occupancy in a twin room. By continuing to book this room, you are agreeing to share a room with another participant of the same gender.

Private standard suite  |  Availability: 7 rooms

The Ixchel Suite offers a king bed, and has a private rooftop complete with pool. Inspired by the great Mayan monarchs, the exclusive amenities and harmonious terrace are surrounded by nature. They offer comfort, modernity and luxury in a pure Mexican style.


Sold out


Sold out

Private deluxe suite  |  Availability: 16 rooms

The Grand Jeex offers a king bed in a spacious garden room, with its own jacuzzi. With a built area of 56m2, the design of this room is inspired by the shape of a spiral. It has its own 15m2 terrace, and direct access to the verdant gardens.


USD $ 3,750


USD $ 4,800

Here’s what previous participants have said about
working with Jeddah and Lourdes:

Group 30.png

I cannot express in words how much these two days meant to me. The setting that Jeddah and Lourdes created for this meeting is far beyond words. The energy at this conference was incredible. I was able to incorporate all my years of experience with Jeddah to meet up with the work of Lourdes, resulting in an incredible experience.

  • Your travel insurance;

  • International flights to and from Mexico;

  • Any travel outside the start and end times of the programme;

  • Food, snacks and drinks outside of our designated meal times;

  • Any personal purchases you wish to make

  • Anything else that we have not expressly told you is included within the price.

  • 4 days tuition with Lourdes & Jeddah

  • 4 days meals plus unlimited filtered water

  • 4 nights accommodation in the room of your choice

  • Yoga classes, plus group healing & integration sessions

Event details

DURATION: 10am Saturday 9 December –
10am Wednesday 13 December 2023


ADDRESS: Carretera Chetumal – Carrillo Puerto, Frac. Seis, KM 42, S/N, 77930 Bacalar, QR.

TELEPHONE: +52 983 689 0005

TEXT: +52 998 221 4220

Getting there


Chetumal Domestic Airport, Quintana Roo, Mexico – 40 mins (incoming international flights change at Mexico City International Airport)


Cancun International Airport, Quintana Roo, Mexico – 3 hrs 50 mins

Tulum International Airport - 2 hrs 30 mins

Reserve a spot

For more information, or to ask a question, please contact Andrea Csillag in the Intelligent Life office on

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