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Thriving in the Current Times

The theme is thriving in these times. The focus will be on our practice – developing regular habits that support us to acquire and maintain a balanced and well-ordered energy field, in order to experience physical, emotional and mental equilibrium.

The reason I wanted to cover this is because, as the world around us becomes more unsteady and uncertain, we need to develop and maintain our steadiness, our growth trajectory, and really evolve. I feel we need to set ourselves a more consistent practice to follow, and perhaps a more comprehensive one also. So, I want to share what has been, in my experience, the key elements of an effective and fruitful practice over the last 30+ years.

Right now, we need to take care of ourselves. It's always been important but I would say now more than ever – in fact it's becoming imperative. And this is because our whole being, including our physical bodies, are going to undergo, and will continue to undergo, a significant evolutionary shift. It has to do with the amount of energy and light and love and frequencies that our energy fields can hold. And for our physical bodies, that means their cellular function is also going to be upgraded.

The resonant frequencies that you are using at present to hold the patterns of your identity in place, are also going to increase. So that means that the entire basis of what you've come to know as your ‘beingness’ will also shift. For some that will feel welcome, it will be experienced as a welcome facilitation. But for most people, no matter how much they wish for change mentally, it could feel destabilising.

That’s why it's so important that we assist ourselves to go through the change. If we're behind the momentum, it can feel as if we're being dragged along by it. Or it can feel as if we're constantly out of sorts, trying to find our centre, trying to find a balance. One of the traps that we might fall into is trying to get back to a previous state where we say “Oh, I used to feel so balanced/healthy/centred when I was doing x, y, z.” Whatever worked in a previous frequency will feel very different now. Another way of saying this is, don’t look for old solutions to new problems.

We have to be able to log on to the new resonant frequency that is happening on the planet, certainly the leading one, and be able to stay aligned to that. So, not trying to just create a microclimate within our own field, but really trying to embrace the leading edge of the energy that's available to us – because the solutions we need are contained within it. What I'm hoping to land for you today is that a dedicated practice is no longer optional. We have to travel with the shift, and there's a lot we can do. So we're going to outline the key practices and qualities as well as remembrances and we'll cover some of the basics as well. Now most of you will recognize this stuff as things that you're doing already. And that's great, keep doing it.

There'll be things that you can add to what I'm sharing here. And there's probably things you could take away. But essentially, we wanted to pull it all together in one place, so that you had a basic guide. And this might seem too basic, but I would say to you that whatever we thought was easy previously, will also change as the shift happens, so we need to continually establish a workable foundation.

Key Basics - Preparing the Vehicle


It’s worth remembering that food is a creative collaboration between the energies of Earth and Sun. This is also true of our own physical bodies. Starting from now, and increasingly going forward, our bodies will need a cleaner, lighter food source. For some, we may even feel moved to adopt raw or liquid diets - that's also a possibility. These kind of diets have become more prevalent, even trendy, recently. It's interesting how these things surface when we need them. And I would say it's consistent with the direction that we need to go. For those of you who are very attached, or even feel it is your inalienable right, to consume meat, I would say, obviously we all have free will, but one thing you might want to bear in mind is that meat is considered quite a heavy resource in our diet. It takes the body a lot of energy to digest it, and it creates density in our field. And there's animal welfare issues with many of our agricultural approaches to raising livestock. So if we insist on eating meat, then perhaps we could find more humane sources where the welfare of the animal has been paramount, and certainly fed a natural diet in a local setting.

With a lot of our food, we don't really know where it comes from. And there are plenty documentaries out there, ready to enlighten us. And it is really hard to watch this stuff. So that's why most of us turn away. But all of this stuff is coming out in the open now. And just bear in mind that as the earth starts her shift into a new energetic foundation, our physical bodies will also, they cannot not. And so your diet has a huge part to play in how well you can support yourself. Our old habits of toxic, heavy or processed foods just simply will not serve us. But of course, any changes must be done gently and gradually.


Exercise helps us increase our vibratory rate. Period! It helps us release patterns, it also releases toxins (and there are a ton of environmental as well as dietary toxins these days which burden ours – and the planet’s- immune system). It just makes the whole mechanism work better. It helps the physical body, emotional, mental body and the heart body be refreshed and revitalized. So it's super important. It doesn't matter if your form of exercise is to go hiking in the woods, swimming, yoga, boxing, horse riding – they all help. In addition, exercise taken in deep nature give us the healing properties of the medicinal aerosols emitted by trees which confer numerous health and well-being benefits.


It’s probably no surprise that meditation is going to show up as a recommendation. Meditation is absolutely vital. It's no longer a ‘nice to have’ it is absolutely vital. It prepares the whole vehicle. It knits together whatever is going on in your body, your emotions, your mind, your heart and your spirit. It helps to open up those pathways between your spirit, your soul and your humaneness. And those pathways need to be open. It increases the vibratory rate of your energy particles.

And crucially, meditation trains consciousness to remain steady which, believe me, once the energies start to shift, you will want as much steadiness as you can muster. You can't wait until the challenges are upon you. One has to practice that's why it's called a practice. One has to practise these things ahead of time, so that when you need it, steadiness is already part of your navigational skill-set.


In terms of mind - emotions - body, we need to perform a pretty comprehensive overhaul. As we've seen, these are the three places where we store, in pattern form, most of the identity traits that we inadvertently use to limit ourselves. If we are limited in our function by existing patterns we can't join in with, or contribute to, this ascendancy process. If we have limiting patterns in place, they must be cleared out by one method or another.

In terms of your mind, it means really paying attention to the old thoughts, the old beliefs, whatever is habitual in the mind. We all know which thought forms we’re stuck on, or addicted to - the same with emotional forms. And the same with bodily habits – we all have so many of those. If everyday when we come in from work, we pour ourselves a glass of wine, collapse into the sofa, and switch on the television - that's a habit. So a habit is whatever do we habitually do with our body, our emotions and our mind.


In the same way that we look after your physical hygiene, we need to do that inside with internal hygiene. In terms of intent, speech, and action, we need to be more conscious of how we use these, particularly because they will manifest more swiftly and with more power now. So let's be careful what we create. Because we have to live with it. If we create something, bring something into being, we are then responsible for it. If what we are creating is not in alignment with our true nature, our mind will give us a heads up in the form of discomfort. Actually, the heart often gives us the first heads up, but we often miss that signal. But when the mind gives us a heads up, we feel it as agitation, confusion, doubt, lack of clarity etc. And if we don't catch it there and we allow that state of mind to persist, it then passes into the emotions and this is where we feel scratchy sensations or tightness or heaviness in the sensations of our emotions. If we are still not on (conscious) duty and we don’t attend to the emotions, it goes into the body. By the time it goes into the body it is now a pattern across 4 levels of our being. And that’s really hard to lift out all at once.

So pay more attention to your intent, speech and your action. Because that's where you express what you're really holding within and your mind body and emotions are in service to action in that for you. And often what we're intending, what we're holding, what we're speaking out, what we're acting out, is not in our best interest. It’s just noise from our identity. So ask yourself, if what you're bringing into being is the highest and best option for yourself and the collective field? And if it isn't, if it's not for the highest good, why would any of us want to proceed? So let's try and catch that stuff sooner.

Key Practices - Training the Vehicle


Discernment is something that we really need to develop in the coming times. It’s an absolutely crucial skill on this path. There are five polarities that require daily discernment. We have to constantly discern between what is real and unreal. For instance, when we experience a particular thought, we have to be able to discern, is this truthful? Or is it a falsehood? When somebody brings information towards us, we have to be able to contemplate, is this real? Is it unreal? When we want to speak about something, is this important? Or is it unimportant? When we want to take an action, is it helpful or unhelpful? With the goals that we're pursuing, are they useful to us and everyone else? Or are they actually useless, and don't bring us or anyone else, benefit.


The ego is a mental construct of limitation; creatively fashioned within our lower energy field, and then laid over the innate light-filled and loving disposition of our true being. It creates a filter of restriction, by generating a convincing impression of individual existence that we then believe in and operate through. All our human faculties are given over to this creation. We temporarily become it, and in doing so, forget our original nature and disposition. Instead we operate from misunderstanding.

Overcoming ego is a big one. The main one actually. And I would say that we are all ready for this. Even though we might have danced around the edges up to this point, there's now some heavy lifting to be done here. Our collective systems are at breaking point from the scaled-up effects of our combined misunderstanding. Overcoming one's ego doesn't need to be a battle. It doesn't need even to be particularly cathartic, although at times it is uncomfortable. But once we see the mechanism of limitation/freedom, we realise growth doesn’t need to be so hard.

And this is the purpose of practice and particularly the meditations that we lead you in. They show you a way through. We're not saying “look at this dreadful thing of ego, let's smash it to bits, so it no longer exists”. We're showing you how you’re made. We’re showing you how you can use the beauty of your being to gently and lovingly midwife the old out and let the new come in. So that's really the best approach with overcoming the ego. Not to try and force or push it out. Because that's fighting with fire with fire.

To overcome ego, you really need to be able to attend to it from the frequencies where the ego is not dominant and cannot travel. So the ego can only operate from the base to the mid fourth [energy centres]. As soon as you step into the upper fourth, the ego does not have dominion there. So you don't have to travel all the way up to your upper centers to overcome your ego. You can do that from the upper forth [in the centre of the upper chest].


One quality that overcomes self-inflation is self-honesty. As human beings we are masters at deluding ourselves. We might say, “Yes, I exercise every day”. We might even tell our friends that and post pictures of us on social media. But maybe the truth is we exercise four times or five times a week. You know, this rigorous self-honesty is really important.

I don't want to give the ego too much independent validity because it is something that we've put in place at the time for the right reasons, or at least, safety and security reasons. But once in place, our identity does exert an influence on us. If we seek to move outside of our existing habits, we often get caught in thought forms such as “You can't do that” or “That didn't work last time” or and all this kind of stuff. So self-honesty is part of being able to look squarely at our ego in the face and not shrink from it or run away because some of the patterns are difficult to admit.


We need to be able to analyse our own thinking and behaviour, otherwise, we have no chance of making any changes. If we don't know what is causing the issues we're experiencing, we're going to be flailing around trying to apply solutions without really being able to get underneath it and lift it out. So it's a bit like weeding a garden. If you just lop the top of the weeds, they regrow. So you need to understand how deep that root is. If you understand the conditions which put something in place, it’s much easier to unpick, or create something different in its stead. For that process to reveal itself to us, we need to treat ourselves with respect understanding, compassion and kindness. Then we find that our being is much more willing to be assessed, and to show us where things may be out of alignment.


Selflessness is not a term that modern, especially Western, human beings relate to. People worry that selflessness will lead to us becoming someone else’s puppet, that we'll be used by other people. The advice we usually receive is the opposite. It's all about the me, me, me. Take care of yourself first, put on your oxygen mask first. There is definitely a place for attending to one’s own needs, however the opposite of selflessness is selfishness, so we don’t want to stray too far in that direction. So, selflessness is not that we don't think about ourselves, it's just that we don't give our ego extra significance, or inflated importance. Because that leads to arrogance, superiority and selfishness. Once we realise the false ‘self’ is something we've ourselves have created, we can gently release the self-importance, and that helps us relate more equitably to our fellow beings.


There are so many thoughts, feelings, and habits that we need to let go of. But it’s not just the uncomfortable sensations we need to be detached from. Pleasant sensations can be addictive and just as much a temptation. For instance in meditation, even when everything is working; the music is beautiful, your practice is harmonious - even then we should develop non-attachment. So non-attachment is an absolutely central practice.

Releasing Identity

Releasing identity is something that we like the idea of (especially the restrictive aspects) but when it comes to releasing the parts that we are attached to, we find that much harder to do. But if we want to step into the living expression of our goodness, we cannot do that through the framework of an identity, because an identity is inherently limited, it's inherently partial. It blocks the thing we are trying to express.

There is no identity (other than being full God-ness) that is not a created identity. No created identity can ‘wear’ the Godhead and do a good job of expressing it. Identity, by definition, limits and restricts the full expression. So if you are serious about wanting that full expression, we cannot shine that bright light through an identity. Our identities have to gently dissolve. Let's not take out hand grenades and blow them up. Let's just love them into disappearance.


The last category in Key Practices, is orientation. By this we mean find who and where you are in the scheme of things. The information that we've been giving you here, all the meditations we do, they are to help you orientate yourself within your own experience, your own field, your own group, your planet and within existence itself.

Resetting the Field

This is a really important practice. Resetting of your field means that each day you let go of whatever's built up in your field, and you re-establish order and harmony as the foundation from which you operate. A lot of the practices that we've been doing will help with that. The diet, the exercise, all of that stuff helps with that. But it's also important to make sure that we're doing that consciously across our whole practice. You'll notice that in the yoga we’ve been doing, there are intentions and reminders, along with the actual practice, to keep our focus on resetting the field throughout the practice and throughout the day. We tend to get too caught up in our physical practice. And we think I'm just exercising physically. We forget that, as we're exercising physically, there's so much that we can do to integrate our emotions, mind, heart and spirit, so everything can be connected.

And then through that practice, you will come to recognize that there is nothing that can't be included in resetting the field, you know, whether it's, you know, cooking or driving, or going out with your friends. So constantly letting whatever is built up in your field be released, and keeping a pure pristine state. Babies are able to reset their field very readily by crying and stretching and kicking their arms and legs. Cats do it as well – in fact all animals are constantly resetting their field – albeit very naturally.

Allowing a New Self

As humans, we've become attached to the way that we show up within our field. And we tend to gather energy patterns around those constants. But as the constants are moving, the constants of identity elements are moving, then we need to be able to reset the field as well. And allow a new version of self. If we are too attached to the current version of self that we have now, that is not allowing us to grow, because it would keep pulling us back into that expression.

Use your meditation time to picture what the new version of you looks like / feels like / sounds like / what actions it takes. And then you'll find over time that you are actually morphing. And it happens very gradually and elegantly. You don't feel it because you can't see massive change after one particular meditation. But if you look back over a longer time period, you can see that you are in fact changing from all the input – the collected influence of the willingness to try on new ways of being and follow through with them.

Being a Conduit

Being a conduit means being in service. If we want our life to be useful, if we want to be of use to a greater plan, if we want to foster more love and the light on the planet, then we need to show up in our being and say, “I lay my being at the service of Life. Please make use of me”. If we go through life feeling “I need to be attended to. I am so important. I must have my needs met first” that limits the options through which solutions can flow to you or others. So being a conduit means being willing to release the identity and the patterning that is there, and allowing love and light to flow through and guide us and show us our usefulness, our purpose. Ultimately it means being comfortable with being shown, being led, rather than imposing our limited mental requirements on the universe and expecting it to lead to universal benefit.

Mastering Body – Emotions - Mind

Mastering your human elements doesn't need to be done (can’t be done) overnight. This is a lifelong endeavour. However, mastery cannot be avoided. We have to master the body, the emotions, the mind in order to progress in our evolution. Each of these is a stage in itself – and the whole process takes many lifetimes. To be clear, we also need to master the heart but that is quite an advanced stage, and we have enough to be getting on with working with the first three stages.

You might think that someone who is super fit, like an Olympic athlete, had mastered the body. That's not what we mean. In this case, mastering the body means that you work with the body down to a very subtle level. You learn to create the correct conditions for maintaining effortless equilibrium. You also learn to operate from your higher self, rather than just attending to the needs (sometimes dictates) of the body itself. In other words you reverse the influence. Eventually you could sit in an ice cold cave with no clothes on and maintain an even body temperature. So ultimately mastering the body is incredibly advanced practice.

We start by being mindful of what the body says it needs and what it really needs. We must be conscious and apply discernment to those messages. Of course, the body does have core needs that we must attend to. But the body will also give us false signals, such as the desire for ice cream, or the desire to watch a whole boxset on Netflix. So we need to discern which signals our body is giving us and attend to the ones which are coming from our core needs. And with core needs, the signaling happens through natural intelligence, whereas with false needs, the signaling happens through our mind, so just be careful.

The same process of development, discernment, mastery happens in the realm of emotions, then the realm of mind. When one is a formal initiate on the path, these are the first three stages that one passes through to be able to gain mastery, and initiates usually take quite lifetimes on each. I only put these ideas out there now so we can start with the general hygiene, mindfulness and care of these elements. We have to start somewhere – and that’s what the Foundation advice is for.

Key Qualities - Utilising the Vehicle

The first section is preparing the vehicle, the second one is training the vehicle. Now, we move onto utilising the vehicle for its intended purpose, which is to make our original source energy manifest through our humanness. It may seem like I've packed into too many qualities into this section, with the result that instead of focusing your attention, it has become more diffuse. What I wanted to give you here was the sort of comprehensive overview of the qualities that we need to demonstrate within our being as we evolve.

When one enters into and stays in a quality, you then enter into a state of being which is an all-encompassing experience of that particular quality. You start with an intention. As this intention moves into sensation, it becomes an experience. When you allow this experience to influence your entire field across all levels of your being, you enter into the state of that quality. Every single one of these qualities is exquisitely beautiful to hold as a state of being. I would recommend that you take one at a time, and practice them. Every single one of them is important in your overall development. There are other qualities not listed here. This isn't a definitive list. I squeezed in as many as I thought you could swallow in one go, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Willing & Allowing

We start with (we always start with) Willing and Allowing, which are skills rather than qualities. Even though they might seem unimportant compared to Love and Gratitude, if we aren't able to navigate with willing and allowing, the rest can't come into being. So they are prerequisites for everything we want to bring into being. The key skills for being able to intend and manifest qualities.

Appreciation – Confidence – Cheerfulness - Resilience

These qualities are all aspects of being able to hold our light within and shine our light into the world.

Appreciation and Confidence are pretty self-evident. Appreciation is absolutely vital. If we can't appreciate, then it means we are not using our heart forces as they are intended.

And you might also think that confidence comes from being good at something. And that's certainly one way it manifests. But be careful there. Because confidence from being good at something is often utilised by the ego identity. So when we're not able to do things, we're not confident. Confidence shouldn’t be solely dependent upon a particular activity. It's not dependent on the way you look, or how good you are at your job. Confidence is a state of mind and a state of being; it's a form of optimism.

And cheerfulness could also be a form of enthusiasm. So you see how they are related within this group as well as to other qualities.

Cheerfulness might seem a strange one… that we've either got a cheerful disposition or not. But actually, cheerfulness means being able to maintain one's light, to be light-hearted, or to keep one's light within one's field and within one's mind, regardless of circumstances. It’s a choice, not a quality we’re just born with. Cheerfulness and resilience go hand in hand because resilience means being able to see what is happening in one's field, and not be carried away by it. Being able to hold our centre, and then reset our mind and field at a moment’s notice.

Consideration – Tolerance – Compassion - Kindness

Consideration, tolerance, compassion and kindness are to do with our relationship with others. And not just human beings, but also other species. And there seems to be a lack of consideration, tolerance, compassion and kindness on our planet right now. And those of us who do practice them, and do demonstrate them might feel that we are doing all the work by ourself, and that others aren't contributing. And that may be the case. And I would say all the more reason that we do it then. So doesn't matter whether other people are coming to the party on this one. And if we can, we should. Of course, these things feel beautiful for us to hold. Anyone who's moved really deeply into any one of these practices will know how enlivening how satisfying it is. So, all of these qualities give back more than they ask of you.

Acceptance – Balance – Trust - Surrender

Acceptance, balance, trust and surrender are the big guns. I'm sorry, that's such a terrible analogy. So instead let's say that these qualities are the mature trees of the forest.

Acceptance gets a bad rap like selflessness. Acceptance is such a good quality. Honestly, if you practice acceptance, it saves you 90% of the headache and heartache and contraction that you experience. If something is happening, it is already happening. Acceptance is an ability to meet whatever is happening. I would say if you find it hard to accept things that are going on around you, then work on acceptance of self, and of course forgiveness (which isn't in this lineup, but really should be) because forgiveness is directly related to acceptance. And acceptance doesn't say that unkind or cruel acts are alright or good. It just recognises that when we (or others) are behaving in ways that seem unwise or unhelpful, there’s a larger context for why that behaviour is taking place. So acceptance really connects us to understanding why things happen, and that everybody's at a different stage of their soul’s evolution. Acceptance softens what seems to be the flaws and mistakes that we sometimes believe existence has made, which of course, is not the case.

Balance is important so we are not knocked off centre by the thoughts, words and deeds of our own behaviour or others. And it goes hand in hand with resilience. Right now, balance is an incredibly necessary quality to foster, and will continue to be into the future. Because when things start to really shift, people will start to wobble. And it won't help matters if you also wobble. So those of us who can, need to remain steady. We directly assist by holding our own steadiness. Again, steadyness could have been on this list too as a skill, like Willing & Allowing, but I think it's also covered by some of the other quantities.

Now let’s get to Trust. Oh my goodness, we could do three or four days on this alone. And maybe we should at one stage. Trust, trust, trust, trust, trust, you know enough by now to realise that trust is the electricity in the system. Nothing fires without it. Either we trust that existence is a light filled, harmonious, expansive, benevolent intelligence source or it is not. There's no middle ground.

You have to decide where you stand in relationship to it. Your whole experience of self and life is really just a manifestation of what you think life is. If you had a computer readout of every single thought throughout any given day, and you read the readout at at the end of that day, you could see how many of your thoughts are based in trust. And that trust can't just be mental. It has to be brought into our being through genuine means. If we open our heart and just rest there, we get to see how completely trustworthy and completely safe it is. There is nothing the true heart, the pure heart will bring towards you that is going to cause ill or harm to yourself or others. And we just simply don't trust that this is the case. The fact that you don't trust is not proof that there is a threat. So at some stage, and let's hope it's sooner rather than later, we need to trust this thing called Life. It knows what it is doing. And either we work with it and against it. When we work against it, it is difficult and it's painful, not because existence is making it that way for us but because we make it that way for ourselves. So let's be clear about that.

Surrender is also a quality that some people might be suspicious of, or even consider it dangerous. Don't give your power away, blah, blah, blah, all this stuff. If one really understands surrender as it is meant here, we can embrace this quality. So again, I say at some stage, we have to decide; either we keep going with the self that we have constructed and insisted upon, or we let go into the energy that is seeking to express itself through the vehicle of our beingness. That requires surrender. You can’t bargain with it – that’s just ego politics. You have to let go into it. There is a jump required. You don't get into the ocean by standing on the shore.

Harmony – Love - Gratitude

Now harmony, love and gratitude are master states. And if we can reliably step into them and radiate them, they will change our lives. And they are so powerful that they can change your life within one week. And then see what happens in one month, then one year. There is no comparison. You know, it's easy to be in harmony when we've just had a spa day. It's easy to love somebody when they're telling us how amazing we are. It's easy to be grateful when we've just been given a pay rise. But these are the qualities that we need to hold and radiate in the midst of stress, negativity and despair. We become beacons of these qualities. We become like an oasis of these qualities. And we send them through our being and out into the world. As they come through us, of course, we get to enjoy them. There's no downside, they're beautiful. We could say they are the innate qualities of God.


We'd like you to remember these three thoughts, which I would say are three truths, but you can relate to them as you wish. Keep coming back to them, remind yourself of them, over and over again. I know right now, the way they're set out, they look a bit like fridge magnet material. But they're not meant to be platitudes. They're meant to be whole-being experiences that you can live into.

1. You are equipped for the path

Within your daily life, through all your trying and striving, remember that you are equipped for the path. You are the presence of existence, encoded with this energy, made from this energy. There is no part of you that is not this energy. You are expansion, light and harmony, governed by intelligence.

2. It is your right, your duty, your destiny to align and evolve

And it is your right and your destiny to align and ascend. And I would add, it is your duty. For those of us who know how to do this, we have to go first. How is it going to happen if we're all waiting for somebody else to go first? We are the people we've been waiting for. It's our duty. And I know a lot of you don't relate well to that word. But if we want to be of service, then we have to step up.

3. Love is the only reality

And if you forget the first two truths, then remember the third….that love is the only reality. You will come to know that without a shadow of doubt. And when you do that will be a blessed moment, a blessed day and you will never forget it. And it will be seared into your being and you'll never go backwards. Love is the only reality, and until that moment you can touch into it in your practice. But once you know it to be the living truth of your being, you look back and you'll see that it was never not the case.


This is the whole purpose of Life is to evolve. Existence uses the architecture of ascending frequency states across the spectrum of form to help us practice that. We use both energy and physical form to express the beauty, the majesty and the intelligence of source energy. Something to pour it into.

We've traveled a very long road from the first presence of human beings on Earth. It was many, many thousands of years ago, and long before our recorded history. And we're not at the end yet. We're not at the ultimate fulfillment of this endeavor. That is going to take many thousands of years more. But we're more towards the end than the beginning.

The time we're living in now is the pivotal point for the whole evolution of our souls, our planet and our solar system. And that sounds rather grandiose to say it, but it's true. So you may not remember the choices you made before you came to Earth. You worked out why you were coming and what you were going to contribute once you got here. That was planned in more detail than you can imagine right now. It's no accident that you're here. Now let me tell you, do you know how many souls want to be here at this point in our planet’s evolution? The gaze of the heavens and the solar system is focused on Earth right now, watching what happens here, because it's never happened before, that a whole planet can shift its frequency across all life forms. This is completely unprecedented. So, you're one of the lucky ones that you were allowed to come here at this time. And you have a role to play, however seemingly modest.

Every single one of us is determining the outcome. Every single one of us is making a difference. And the best service you can render yourself, humanity, the earth, and all of existence is to be all you can be. And again, I know that sounds like a platitude, but take that into your lived experience and see that it's a real possibility. To bring Heaven into Earth means bringing the light and love of your source energy into your body, into your field, into your environment, into and across your planet.

And we don't have to do it alone. We have each other. That's the beauty of this joining together. It feels so much nicer to practice together. So keep going and enjoy the ride. And do whatever you feel called to do.

Thank you for considering what it is we're trying to bring forward, and gently land within your hearts and minds. Please know that everything is alright - always was, and always will be. That doesn't mean we haven't got work to do. So let's go to it.


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