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The Healing Journey

Life on earth requires a physical body. No-one is exempt from having one if they want to be here. That’s the minimum entry requirement. The physical body provides unique and necessary conditions for the soul to learn its lessons, which it would not be able to otherwise encounter.

When we come into incarnation, we not only work on our own lessons, but our soul also provides the service of processing ancestral lessons on behalf of the collective. This means that each generation takes on the unfinished business of its predecessors. Overall, individual and collective realisations contribute to the evolution of consciousness. Some of the processing happens at a heart level (fostering greater compassion and understanding with each succeeding generation). Some of it is mental and emotional (furthering the ideas and emotional intelligence of the collective). But the physical body also plays its part.

Our physical body weathers the change and transformation taking place on collective levels. It has to continually upgrade its operating system to stay abreast of genetic advancements, environmental conditions and planetary consciousness. For the physical body, these energetic changes are expressed in matter, which means our body is the living expression of our own soul growth as well as that of humanity.

And yet, we often take our physical body for granted. We misunderstand its purpose. We misread its messages. We mismanage its wellbeing. We mistrust its very function. The physical body bears the weight (sometimes literally) of unprocessed misunderstanding from our heart, mind and feelings. It’s no wonder we have so many issues with our body.

We now know that our chronic misunderstanding of the Earth’s body has led to the present environmental crisis. The same is true of our relationship to our own bodies. Our persistent misunderstanding of the purpose and role of the physical form has led to a chronic lack of well-being. Eating de-natured food, auto-immune and degenerative diseases, medicalised ‘healthcare’ over self-care are but a few symptoms of that misunderstanding. But it’s not just a case of keeping the physical body functioning. Our physical organism carries a much deeper wealth of knowledge about our soul’s potential….one that we need help to read and access.

When we are unwell, do we know what our bodies are trying to tell us?

How can we read the symptoms in a way that promotes greater understanding of ourselves and the living system we are part of?

What would optimal well-being on every level look like?

The time has come for us to relearn the ancient knowledge of Life – and to use this knowledge to restore the health of our bodies and our planet.

There are some cultures that have preserved an understanding of the body’s innate intelligence, and how to work with the body to restore its innate potential. These cultures understand the wider relationship between the body and the Earth, and how our experience of physical matter serves the evolution of consciousness. This knowledge has been passed down through the generations by an unbroken lineage of wisdom keepers.

They know the specific effect of the unprocessed patterns we hold in our heart, mind and emotions. They also know the internal, as well as external, conditions that give rise to well-being. Their skill and techniques an, their understanding of plant properties, their ability to read symptoms draws on a long-standing tradition of healing.

In Mexico, and across South America these men and women healers are known as Curanderos (m) and Curanderas (f). Their practices are well respected and regularly sought as part of everyday life, especially for the indigenous community. Through a connection with an Ecuadorian practitioner who has lived and worked in Mexico, we are fortunate to have been introduced to a group of skilled Curanderas who have agreed to share their knowledge and expertise with us.

This introduction grew into the idea of taking a small group of women to Mexico to visit the Curanderas. The traditional healing techniques will be used in conjunction with the Intelligent Life inner work, guided by myself. We are now at a stage in human development where quantum leaps in progress are possible. This partnership with the Curanderas is designed to facilitate a very deep healing process that can clear energy accumulations and accelerate soul learning.

We are excited to be taking our first group of women in February 2022, with the hope of offering a programme for men to work with the shamans and curanderos in subsequent years.

[To learn more about the upcoming trip, visit our web page]


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