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Light Activation

This month (July 2021), we are running a workshop to offer Light Activation. Some of you may be unfamiliar with using light to unlock your evolutionary progress, so we thought we would share the background of this special practice.

Right back into very ancient times, spiritual neophytes/initiates/adepts have received this form of assistance to help them unlock new stages of growth. Until the 19th century, spiritual seekers acquired their esoteric knowledge through a long apprenticeship at a mystery school. These have existed throughout time in every part of the planet, in one form or another (and indeed, you can still search for their lesser cousins today on google!). They were always a shielded endeavour, and often conducted in secret, to preserve the purity of the knowledge and the integrity of the adepts who passed through the rigours of such training.

It is said that the foundation of societal life in Ancient Atlantis, was built upon the understanding gained in their many advanced mystery schools. Ancient Egypt had an integrated system of mystery schools (Therapeutae, Isis/Osiris lineages) along the Nile to train initiates in sophisticated and comprehensive energy practices. The Pharoahs and their families were required to study at these schools before taking high office. Almost all the past Greek masters studied at a mystery school (Pythagoras, Asclepius, Plato, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Alexander the Great to name a few). The Celtic-Druidic schools also began ancient times, arising from the Atlantean tradition, which at one time had 60 universities and 60,000 students. The Gnostic wisdom from the Essene mystery schools and the knowledge of the Rishis in India, also arose from the Atlantean/Egyptian tradition. And all these traditions themselves flow back into the worship of the Great or Divine Mother and her Earthly expression.

Across the centuries the same knowledge has reappeared as the Order of Melchizedek, the Zoroastrian movement, the Knights Templar, the Cathars, The Rosicrucians, right up to the Theosophists in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The key teachings and practices of all mystery school traditions were centred around the understanding of energy dynamics and interaction with the hidden realms. This was expressed through mathematics, sacred geometry and geomancy (and its influence on architecture), astronomy and navigation, sound and colour practices, healing and well-being, cultivation of food, spiritual and political leadership, the arts.

However, the central purpose of preserving this knowledge, was the evolution of consciousness – the advancement of humanity and the Divine Plan, as lived on the planet Earth and the wider solar system of which we are part.

In the last 100 years the mystery school tradition has waned, the knowledge has become obscure or gone underground and spiritual seeking itself has become somewhat suspect (even though it was once central to all knowledge and respected as such!). The interdependence of humanity and the planet is no longer understood (except in purely ecological terms). We do not see that the health (and future) of both are one and the same expression.

The masters, magi and other highly evolved beings, who gifted their knowledge to the ancient mystery traditions, studied the long arc of evolution. They foresaw the struggles and triumphs that humanity would go through in the awakening of consciousness. And they knew we would (eventually) arrive at a time when we had individually and collectively learnt enough to make a quantum leap in our understanding. It would be a time when the knowledge of energy and the invisible realms would no longer have to be hidden, and would be freely available to all. They used their superior knowledge of energy cultivation/navigation and access to the Divine Plan to lay down a foundation on which we can now build.

A matrix of light was imprinted into the structure of the Earth through the crystalline network, and the cells of the human body through our DNA. The instructional codes for this light are set to a specific frequency, so when we individually and collectively reach that checkpoint, we can activate the codes and ‘awaken’ our consciousness to a new level of understanding – one that would tip us into an elevated expression of being human on planet Earth.

That time is now. Humanity is waking up. Earth herself is waking up (bear in mind that, as a sentient being, she’s way ahead of the rest of us – we are the laggards). The practice of light activation is how we unlock that next level which in turn brings benefit to all humanity and the planet.

The future of humanity and the planet will not be expressed through the paradigm of separation. We are moving into an era (some call it the Golden Age – but we’re not quite there yet) of interconnected understanding; of co-operation and collaboration, of compassion and caring, of love and harmony, of healing and restoration.

We are all called to play our part in bringing that about. Some of us will be masterminding, some of us will be envisioning, some of us will be directing, some of us will be teaching, some of us will be innovating, some of us will be assisting, some of us will be learning and sharing, some of us will be rebuilding. The beauty of the coming times is that we will all be working from an interconnected understanding of Life itself, and in doing so we will bring the purpose of the human journey to fruition.

I invite you to join our Light Activation workshop on Saturday 17 July 2021.

With love and understanding,



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