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In honour of water

So much of my training and work over the last thirty years has focussed on gaining mastery with the fifth element of ether, through cultivating a conscious relationship with energy, and understanding its properties and behaviour.

In the last few years, I have become increasingly curious about how to work more directly with the physical elements here on Earth, as part of a wider project to restore and activate the planet’s energetic and molecular structure.

I have shared in previous articles how I have undertaken meditative practices in nature, particularly with trees in the forest, and plants in my garden. During that time, I also concentrated on the forest streams to see if my efforts would bring improvement to the quality and flow of the water. The last few months I have brought my attention more fully into the element of water, its near miraculous properties, and the immense potential that it holds for us as individuals and for the future of our planet. This has also involved seeking out the work of others who have contributed to our understanding.

In particular, I was fascinated by the work of Dr Luc Montagnier, a Nobel prize laureate. Dr Montagnier was awarded the Nobel prize for his work in the detection of aids. However, his work with water, and his astonishing findings, have completely overturned the textbook understanding of water, and caused an uncomfortable ripple through the scientific community. Dr Montagnier is carrying on the research first done by Jacques Benveniste in France, who’s work with water was met with incredulity. However, Dr Montagnier has been able to reproduce his results with reliable regularity.

Essentially their findings are that water retains the memory of whatever is placed into it. We know that an atom is both a particle and a wave (ie: it emits a signal). The matter that is placed in water emits a signal which can be traced. Water retains the imprint of the signal even when the actual molecules of matter are removed from it. And furthermore, this signal can be transferred via electromagnetic fields, to new mediums, such as other water sources. These new water sources now contain the signal, even though they have never come into contact with the original substance. And from this signal the DNA of the original substance can be recreated.

Dr Montagnier is himself astounded by this ability of water. However, his particular interest lies in its application on disease. He has found that many debilitating diseases are the result of the signals left behind by bacteria in the watery environment of our bodies. He is following a line of enquiry that seeks to reverse this using water containing the reverse (or neutralising) code. He believes these wave signals are the future of medicine.

The scientific community have gone to lengths to discredit this work, not because the scientist in question or the scientific method are wanting. They are uncomfortable with the premise and the results because the whole basis of the western scientific model is at stake – that something only exists if you can observe it. The ability of water to be encoded and to transfer that encoding happens outside the boundaries of what can be observed…and yet it happens. You can imagine how deeply unsettling this is for those scientists (most of them) who cannot account for any phenomenon outside the accepted mechanistic construct. For those of us who find this less of a stretch, there is excitement at the possibilities and the application of such findings.

In the April tutorial this year, we shared how the fourth state of water, known as structured water, is created when water comes into contact with a hydrophilic surface. When the water molecule encounters this surface, it creates a negative charge around it and repels all the positive charge away, thus creating a separation of negative and positive elements. This new formation is no longer technically H2O, it becomes H3O2. The space between the negatively charged hydrophilic object and the positively charged water it repels is called the exclusion zone. This action of separating the atomic charges means that a tremendous amount of energy becomes available, similar to the generation of electricity, however this electricity is freely given by nature, not generated by burning fossil fuel. As with water memory, structured water offers numerous possible applications, from cleaning and restoring contaminated water sources, to increasing the crop yield and the nutritive content of food.

We have focussed so far on the possible uses of water to address the destruction we have wreaked on the physical environment of our bodies and our planet. But what about the emotional and mental ills we face, and their collective effect on the planet as a whole? How can water contribute to this kind of healing?

The effect of water give us a clue as to its inherent nature, and its capacity on a metaphysical level. We take it for granted that water is refreshing, cleansing, energising, purifying. And whilst these qualities are not entirely unique to water (for instance, air can refresh, fire can cleanse, earth can energise), water does have an unrivalled ability to bring clarity and flow. These qualities are not arbitrary. They stem from the spiritual properties of the beingness of water. That water can bequeath these qualities and effects to us, is part of its service to creation (which is true of all the elements). And if we look at what our planet and humanity needs right now in terms of healing, restoration and renewal, it is exactly the gifts that the elements offer, and this is especially true of water.

That water has a being means we can enter into relationship with it – rather than treat it like an inanimate resource as we so often do. Water is well known for its ability to reflect. And yet this ability is far deeper than simply showing us our image. Water can reflect back to us our state of heart and mind, our intentions, our words, even the way we look from our eyes. The yogis and indigenous elders tell us that water retains all these inputs – positive and negative. And because water flows so readily and encodes so immediately, these inputs are shared with everything it touches.

Right now, so many of our water bodies are retaining the disrespect, neglect and abuse we express towards them. Imagine how different the picture could be, if we learned to harness this ability of water to be encoded and share – by consciously offering it positive, healing, restorative inputs. The willingness of water to hold what we put into it, coupled with it being the most abundant element, is presenting us with a vital key to the restoration of our planet and our bodies.

One person who holds this view is Arkan Lushwala, a Peruvian elder, teacher and medicine man. I had read Arkan’s two books, The Time of the Black Jaguar, and Deer & Thunder and have admired his sincere and humble work for many years. Arkan doesn’t normally give interviews, or allow himself to be filmed, but last week, after some months of hopeful waiting, he graciously accepted my request to speak to him about water.

He started by telling me that we need to respect water because she is a huge cosmic force, so mysterious that her true depth will always elude us. As such, we can not fully know her. He shared that she is fluid and moving, like energy, and therefore she is close in nature to the energy source that gives her life.

And smiling, he told me that water will immediately reflect back to us whatever we bring to her, and that this act is testimony to her gracious willingness to serve us. Arkan also told me that we can put light into water with our words. Telling me of our power to influence water in this way, he used a lovely phrase, “our words can make the molecules dance!”

Water is present deep in the earth, on the surface and also in the air. That water takes part in every aspect of our planet’s existence means it is the joining force. On speaking of the role of water, he tells me that in his language and wisdom lineage, they use the word kon to describe the loving action of water; how it connect below to above and above to below, and in doing, forms the circle of life. He calls it the “sacred carrier”. And when we activate water with the light of our spirit, it becomes a powerful force. This is what gives water the power to heal.

Arkan believes that we can bring healing to our planet through our understanding of, and relationship with, water. He tells me that offering our love to water is the simplest, and yet the most profound, practice we can do. So simple in fact that everyone can participate in it, including children. And he says while making offerings, saying prayers and singing can also be effective ways to encode water, if they are not done with genuine love and respect, they are empty of the power to bring true healing.

And he reiterated what I have heard many of our wise elders from different traditions saying, that in order for water to perform the profound healing of people and planet, we need to enter into a sacred relationship with her. Then she will carry our message of love to all the places where it is so needed.

I was very moved by my conversation with Arkan. Not only is his message vital for our understanding, but his humble and respectful way of being show us that our thinking and behaviours must be consistent with what we wish to bring about in the world.

This renewed focus on water has brought me so much. And whilst I was already in a loving and appreciative relationship with water, I now feel an even deeper respect for this precious entity. I am so grateful for the role the beingness of water is performing for us all, and so humbled by the demonstration of Grace in service. Interaction with the elements, is as close as we get to physical interaction with the Divine. As such, we need to pay attention to what they are trying to tell us. Listening to the inherent wisdom and responding well will create a path back home.

Blessings be,



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