Our founder, Jeddah Mali, developed the Intelligent Life model from 25 years of successful work in the field of human systems.  

Through my life's work in the field of human systems, I became aware that there is an intelligent design underlying how things work, and that this wasn't being recognised in how we organise our lives, set-up organisations, or how we how we try to run them. As a result, our efforts are producing unintended consequences, and we end up fire-fighting problems of our own making.

Businesses have such a strong societal influence, not just in the time spent at work, but also in the opportunity to leverage the contribution businesses can make to society. 

We know what difference one life can make when lived well - imagine what impact that could have when replicated through an individual life or a whole organisation.

What we could achieve with that level of cohesion?


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Jeddah  Mali - Founder

  • Internationally recognised visionary and change agent.

  • Creator of INTELLIGENT LIFE model and mapping system.

  • 20 years mentoring business leaders.

  • Expert facilitator in human learning environments.

  • 30 years of investigative study.

  • Board of HeartMath scientific research company.

Jeddah has the amazing ability to articulate the differences between all the aspects we perceive in our internal environment. I now have a navigational system inside me that is like having my own internal GPS.
— Judith M, Canada