A be - think - do platform, that trains pioneering individuals and organisations, in Natural Intelligence, to deliver universally beneficial outcomes.


Humanity has an inbuilt desire to thrive but to achieve this, individually, and collectively, we need to re-evaluate our existing approach.

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The Intelligent Life approach provides a unique and comprehensive framework for understanding how individuals and systems work.

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A seamless programme and toolkit to develop the knowledge, expertise and actions that contribute to sector, society & planet.

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Jeddah’s wisdom is unparalleled and her ability to bring clarity to the complex is masterful. She is one of the wise masters of the world. If you get a chance to study with her, take it. Her work is life altering.
— Roxanne Emmerich, New York Times best-selling author of Thank God It's Monday and Profit-Growth Banking, founder and CEO of Emmerich Group