Intelligent Life has developed an innovative model using Natural Intelligence to create the optimal conditions for healthy evolution. It can be applied to any aspect of life – self-awareness, relationships, health, finances – up to organisational development and societal systems.


Developing Natural Intelligence


Natural Intelligence is the underlying design of Life. With the right map and model, the hidden structure and order of systems becomes visible.

DIagnosis and resolution


Our map can diagnose your current situation, and provide a critical pathway for resolution. It gives you an accurate read on all the elements, known and unknown, which are affecting your outcomes.

Unlocking latent capacity


Our curriculum provides the necessary steps to unlock latent capacity and implement new thinking, understanding, and behaviours.


The Intelligent Life map reveals the evolutionary stages of an individual, an organisation, a society or our global system, and how they are interrelated.


scale of sys.jpeg

Introductory Mapping workshop

A 1-day induction where you will learn the foundational principles of working with Natural Intelligence, and how to apply the Intelligent Life mapping system on a personal and/or professional level. You can expect to get an accurate read on the hidden factors which are hindering the potential of you or your organisation, and how to address them.

Jeddah’s gift for distilling complexity... makes it possible to embrace, absorb and put into practice the things I’ve learned. Now I am comfortable with rapid change and uncertainty.
— Wendy Burloe-Buch, Senior Vice-President for Global Quality Assurance, Safety and Compliance - Ralph Lauren, New York